Monday, October 24, 2005


Driving to work this morning, I came across a pedittle. For those who don't know:

pedittle: A vehicle with two headlights, but only one of which is operating.

Now, I see these quite a bit on the highways, but this morning, the one that I came across shocked me to say the least. It was a school bus. A school bus with children on board. Now, I thought that the Department of Education did a better job of keeping their school buses in compliance with the law. Having all lights operational on a vehicle on the highway is a law in the state of West Virginia.

I suppose that the light could have went out after the bus had began on its route, but I would wager that it was out when the driver left the station. If I could have seen the number on the school bus I would have called it in. Maybe, I'll get lucky, and pass this same bus with a headlight out tomorrow. If I do, I can guarantee you that I will call it in.

I really hope that they fix the light, and I don't have to call.

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