Friday, May 27, 2005

Pesky Neighbors

The two old ladies who live across the street from me are at it again. First, a little history:

When we bought our house a little over five years ago, these two old ladies took it upon themselves to decide that they needed to tell me what I can and cannot do to items on my property.

We have a privacy fence that runs along one side of our yard, and along the back side of our property. Behind this privacy fence, there is a second chain link fence that sits on the property line. We had some ugly vines growing between the two fences, and so when we moved it, I took down the privacy fence and began to remove the bushes. Well, they tried to tell me that the bushes weren't mine, and that I couldn't remove them. I quickly pointed out that the bushes were in fact on my property, and that I was going to remove them. Not to be outdone, they continued that the basketball goal in my front yard (that had been there when we bought the house, and 15 years prior to that) was against zoning regulations. Again, I pointed out that it passed zoning regulations according to the appraisal of the property prior to us buying the house. Since then they have also tried to tell me that I can't park my mini van on the street!

It has been quite some time (about 3-4 years now I guess) since they have tried these tricks, but now they are at it again. This time it is the basketball goal again. They have tried to get some fellow who owns the house next door to them to tear down my goal. Now, even if the goal was illegal, he can't do that, and he quickly told them so. If this were such a problem, they could easily call the mayor's office, and take care of the matter that way, but they haven't done so. Because of that, I am quite confident the goal is within regulations.

So, why do these old ladies insist on making my life miserable? I have no idea, but I sure wish they would just leave me alone!

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