Monday, May 30, 2005

Sony HandyCam

I went and purchased a mini DV camera, and overall I am quite happy with it. I got a Sony HandyCam DC-30. I got it on clearance at Circuit City. This camera has a lot of cool features, is nice and tiny, has a good feel to it in the hand, and can be expanded with wide angle lenses, telephoto lenses, external mics, and external lights. Great camera.... Now the bad part.

Apparently, I got a dud. The firewire port on the camera seems to be defective. Hooked it up to the Mac Mini, and nothing worked. Didn't recognize it. Checked it with Apple, and its on the compatible list. For the fun of it, tried it with a Win XP box. Same results. So, today, I took it back to Circuit City. They tried it with two different cables, on a host of machines, and same results. Sent it off for repairs. I'll post more once I get it back, and I am able to use it with iMovie.. I can't wait!

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