Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Astrologer Sues NASA

I heard about this story today. An astrologer has sued NASA over the Deep Impact probe which collided with a comet. According to Marina Bai, the astrologer in the lawsuit, this collision "ruins the natural balance of forces in the universe".

This is just what we need... another frivolous lawsuit. The scary part, given the way these types of lawsuits go, she could very well win. Remember the McDonald's Hot Coffee Lawsuit? And there is the case of the obese teenager who sued them because they failed to inform him that he could get fat from eating McDonald's food. All of these sorts of cases just irritate me so much. We end up wasting all sorts of tax dollars and court time with these cases that should just be thrown out before they even get a chance. It really needs to be stopped before it ever gets to a court to dismiss it. Lawyers should really weed these sorts of cases out, but the sad truth is there are so many lawyers, one of them is bound to take the case, no matter how far-fetched the claim.

We need serious reform in this area. Any takers?

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