Friday, July 29, 2005

Mobile Tele-Marketing

I heard some seriously bad news today. Apparently, telemarketers are going to start harassing us all via our cell phones. Today, cell phones out number land-line phones, even if it is only a small margin, and the telemarketers are looking to score once again. Now, I subscribed myself to the do-not-call registry, and I added the block on my phone service for the house, and yet, I still get calls from these horrible people. And then today, I hear from my brother-in-law that they are going to target my cell phone.

Before, it was annoying. They would call at all the wrong times, and you couldn't just politely get off the phone. You had to hang up, or they would go on and on and on. But now! It's not enough to be annoying and harass me.... Oh no, now they are going to cost me minutes!! I have a lot of minutes, and I have free evenings and weekends ,but still, my anytime minutes are precious to me, and I am paying for them. I don't need to pay for someone that I DID NOT WANT TO TALK TO CALLING ME AND USE MY MINUTES!!

I am just waiting on that first call.... Whoever is on the other end. Be prepared... I am going to make you go home and cry to your mommy, or at least wish you could! You have been warned!


MegaManJuno said...

Yeah, I recall reading something about this about a week or so ago that cell phones were going to become or already were "fair game" as of then.

Apparently, from what I recall reading, the do not call registry is fine to use with cell phones too. It seems they can get around that if you've "done business" with them and/or possibly their "affiliates" before. I don't quite recall what the regulations are on that... I'll have to look it up again, but if I recall correctly you're only option is to tell them to remove you from their list if you don't want calls from them anymore.

If enough people would quit buying crap from them when they call, they'd quit calling (since it would no longer be profitable in the long run). Once again, the idiots of the world ruin it for the rest of us.

Stacey said...

Thats exactly right... They wouldn't do it if they weren't making money from somebody. I just can't imagine that people actually buy stuff that way, but then again, most telemarketers are so pushy, I guess its possible. They have it sold to you before you even speak many times. I usually just hang up mid-sentence, and never speak to them. That's just asking for it.

MegaManJuno said...

While that gets you off the phone with them, it doesn't get you off their list. I just and say (loudly, to interrupt them) "Take me off your list" and THEN hang up. ;)