Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Dad And Son Polar Bear Go Fishing...

The young bear asked, "Dad, am I a full-blooded polar bear?"

His father replied, "Sure son, you're full blooded."

The young bear asked, "Are you positive that I'm 100% polar bear, Dad?"

"Yes, son, I'm sure. Your mother's a polar bear, I'm a polar bear..."

"But Dad, are you sure there's not a little brown bear in me?"

"Yes son, I'm sure."

"Are you really sure, Dad, that there's not just a little black bear in me?"

"Yes, son, you're all polar bear."

"Maybe just a little grizzly bear in me, Dad?"

"No way, son, no way," replied the papa bear. "Why are you asking these questions?"

The little polar bear replied, "Because, Dad, I'm freezing."

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kordalian said...

ha ha ha ha ... nice one. :)