Monday, August 15, 2005

GarageBand Rocks

I am starting to appreciate the one iLife software component that has no "i" -- GarageBand. I never envisioned myself using it. I am not musically inclined in the least, and I never thought I would need to create music loops. That's its main selling point, or so I thought.

I decided to fire it up the other day to see if I could truncate a clip of music I had into something that would work. Seemed like a good fit for it. And it was. It went quite well, despite the fact that I never once opened a help file. Since that time, I have thought that this little gem could be used to create some "extended" mixes of some tunes.. Perfect for those slideshows, when there just isn't a tune long enough on it's own to fit the show, and when you don't want to just start back at the beginning and you don't want to trim photos down any. So I decided to try my hand at that.

It was easy. Imported the song I wanted to extend into GarageBand. Then started looking through it for a good spot to extend. Found that. Then I needed a spot that matched it... A little more listening, and I had it. Copied the segment I want to the end, and it just flows right on through. Did a quick import into iTunes from GarageBand, and my tune is now ready for use wherever I want.

GarageBand Rocks!

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