Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Political Observation

This is not meant to stereotype political views of individuals in any way, but I was reading this blog entry today, and then later, this other blog entry. I had many of the same thoughts as the second blogger while reading the first blogger's entry. There are a lot of good folks in this world, and, of course there are bad folks too. The bad, though, seem to get a lot more attention these days.

The thing I find most intriguing is that most individuals who are left of center politically claim to care about people more than those who are on the right. Yet, I find that those same individuals are the first to complain about everyone and all the wrong in the world, and yet do nothing to correct it (except complain). However, I find the very opposite to be true of those who are on the right of center politically. They are the first to point out the good things that are being done in the world, and how things are getting better.

Now these are just observations of one person, though some may claim they are stereotypes. I am sure there are those that are just the opposite of what I have just described on each side of the political divide. I just wanted to share an observation from my experiences.

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