Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Respect For Leaders

While surfing blogs via BlogExplosion, I once again hit this site. I have come to the point where I really do not like this guy's opinion much. Here's a quote from a recent post:

I must confess, I have a hard time with Rehnquist's body lying in repose, and people making such a fuss crying over his body, when hundreds -- if not thousands -- of Americans are lying dead in the streets in New Orleans.

He has such a horrible outlook on life, and of course his politics differ from mine drastically. But more than the politics, it is his lack of respect for leaders, whether he agrees with them or not. As flawed as the election system may be, our leaders are elected, and we must trust their decisions. At some point in the past, Mr. Rehnquist was chosen to serve as a Supreme Court Justice by one of elected officials. Give the man some respect for his service. If you want change


kordalian said...

Welcome to the "Age of Opinion"! :)

Daedalus said...

The Germans trusted their leader, too. The guy's name was Hitler, and he was democratically elected. You want to sit back and be complacent?

I, too, questioned the disrespect of the guy's post, but not because he was disrespecting a leader but disrespecting a life. Are you saying that you don't think the lives of 10,000 dead aren't equally as precious as a judges?

Stacey said...


The germans did elect and trust Hitler. And that was their choice. He was elected because the majority felt much like he did. Does it ake what he did right? No, of course not. But that does not discount that we should have respect for our leaders that we choose.

I also think we need to have respect for life. And yes the dead in New Orleans need our respect, and the survivors need our help. All life is precious. When someone loses a loved one, it hurts. Doesn't matter who that person is that was lost. Judge, peasant, hard working middle-class, politician, everyone.

I have bought supplies for them, and I have donated my money to the relief effort. And I hope that everyone does their share. The blame game solves nothing.