Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Klik Here

I was just reading about a new package management system for Linux. I can hear those of you who have used Linux groan, "Yeah, right... Just what we need -- another package management system!" This one is different though. It takes an idea from Apple, AppDir, and brings it to the Linux platform. So, instead of download, and install. You just download it. Then it appears as one file, like the AppDir style on Mac OS X. You can move it around anywhere you like, and you can run it from there. There is no install. There is no compiling. Very nice idea. This is something that Linux has needed. Heck, Windows could use this idea too. Now, it's early in the going, but they have quite a nice repository of packages so far, and are continuing to grow. It has some limitations, but it has some promise.

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