Monday, December 19, 2005


My latest game creation is called Badonkoid (Buh-DONK-oid). It's a variation on the breakout theme, but different from any that I have ever played. In Badonkoid, you control 4 paddles, one on each side of the playing field. There is a single ball that you are bouncing around the screen using these four paddles. There are no walls. Each time, you bounce the ball off of a paddle, a block is created in the playing field. The blocks are breakable. The object of the game is to continue to bounce the ball and break the most blocks. If the ball reaches any of the four walls before it is bounced, the game ends.

Scoring in the game is as follows:
Bouncing the ball off of a paddle - 1 point * (Level + 1)
Breaking a block - 10 points * (Level + 1)

The level increases every 10 blocks that are broken. As the level increases, the speed of the ball increases, until level 40. Level 40 and beyond maintain the same speed. Also, as the level increases, the number of created blocks increases. On level 0, there is 1 block created with each paddle hit. On level 1, there is 1 block created each paddle hit + 1 block created every 4 paddle hits. On level 2, there is 1 block created with each paddle hit, and 2 blocks created every 4 paddle hits. And so on and so forth for each additional level.

The paddles are controlled with the mouse. If you move the mouse toward the left or right, the top and bottom paddles are moved accordingly. If you move the mouse up and down, the left and right paddles are moved accordingly. You can move all 4 simultaneously by moving diagonal. It sounds a little odd, but as you play, it becomes a little easier to control. This game requires very good hand-eye-coordination.

Once the game loads, click the mouse button to begin. At any point during game play, you can press Q to quit. This will end the current game. If you press Q a second time, the game will close. If the game is over, or has not been started, pressing Q will simply close the game. The game can be paused by pressing the ESCAPE key. To un-pause the game, press Command-P, or un-check Pause on the Control menu and the game will resume. Clicking the mouse button once the game has ended will begin a new game.

This game should run fine on Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.

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