Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New Display For Me

I broke down this evening, and finally purchased a new display for my Mac Mini. I had been using an NEC Multisync 50 for at least 5 years now on various machines, including most recently the Mac Mini. It's been a good, albeit small, monitor for my needs. A few days ago, though I began to notice that the output is becoming considerably darker than it used to be. I do a lot of video and photos, and having a good display is critical for me. So, when I noticed this, I knew I needed a new one.

Anyways, this evening, my wife and I are at Sam's, and I began looking at the displays that they have for sale. I find this one and just love it. What sold me on it though is that it has the DVI port on it. Yeah! No more need for a DVI-to-VGA adapter! And even better, it comes with the DVI cable! It also comes with the VGA cable for those less fortunate.

So far, I am quite pleased with this display. I like the black look, and the on-screen controls are pretty easy to use. I try to not purchase new computer stuff very often. I typically have a buying spree, and then I tend to not buy things for several years. Hopefully, this display will do me for some time to come.

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