Friday, December 09, 2005


Tetris is now ready for download. Simply Un-Stuffit the archive, and put the game wherever you want on your hard drive. After the game loads, you'll be presented with the main screen.

From the main screen, you can press Q to quit, or press the spacebar to begin the game. Pressing Q anytime during the game will end the current game. Pressing Q again will quit the application. You can pause the game by pressing escape. You can resume the game by pressing Command-P. You can also select the Pause item from the Control menu. Also available on this menu are Restart and Terminate.

Pieces are moved with the arrow keys. Use the Up Arrow key to rotate the piece, Left Arrow key to move the piece left, Right Arrow key to move the piece right, and the Down Arrow key to drop the piece more rapidly. This version of Tetris implements soft-dropping, which means that the piece can moved for a second or so after it has dropped onto another piece. Be careful near the right edge as the pieces need room to be able to rotate. If you can't rotate the piece while near the edge, you are too close to the edge, move the piece to the left until you can rotate it.

Dropped Piece = Level + 1 points.
Single Line = (Level + 1) x 40 points.
Double Lines = (Level + 1) x 100 points.
Triple Lines = (Level + 1) x 300 points.
Tetris (4 Lines) = (Level + 1) x 1200 points.

The speed at which pieces drop increases as the levels increase until you reach level 49. After that, the speed remains constant.

System Requirements: Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X.
Have fun!

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