Monday, January 02, 2006


Here's another mind-bending puzzle game. The object of this game is simple: Change all of the blocks in the puzzle to white. You do this by clicking on blocks until all blocks in the puzzle are white. When you click a block, all adjacent blocks are changed by one color according to the key shown in the lower right. Red becomes green; Green becomes blue; Blue becomes yellow; Yellow becomes cyan; Cyan becomes purple; Purple becomes white; White becomes red.

When the game begins, the puzzle is a 2 by 2 grid, and you are given one minute to solve the puzzle. Successfully solve the puzzle, and the remaining time is carried over to the next level. In addition, the time alloted for a new level is level plus one minutes. So, level one, you have two minutes, plus the unused time from level zero. Level three gives you four minutes, plus the unused time from level two.

As the levels increase, the puzzle size increases.

Level 0 - 3, 2x2
Level 4 - 15, 4x4
Level 16 - 35, 6x6
Level 36 - 63, 8x8
Level 64 - 99, 10x10
Level 100 - 143, 12x12
Level 144 - 195, 14x14
Level 196 - 255, 16x16
Level 256 - 323, 18x18
Level 324+ 20x20

The complexity of the puzzle increases as the level increases as well. On level zero, the computer generates the puzzle by "clicking" one block. So to solve the puzzle, you should be able to simply click one block, turning all 4 blocks white. On level one, the computer does this twice, and thus the puzzle can be solved in 2 clicks. So for each level, the puzzle can be solved in level plus one clicks.

There could be multiple paths to correctly solving the puzzle. If at any point you decide that you have gone down the wrong road, you can reset the board to its original state. However, the time spent thus far on solving the puzzle is still spent, and is not returned. To reset the board, click the "Reset Board" button.

You can begin a new game at any point by clicking the "New Game" button. You will start over at level zero.

The game can be paused at any time by clicking the "Pause" button. While the game is paused, the time remaining to solve the puzzle remains unchanged. The board is hidden from view, and the "Pause" button flashes to indicate that the game is paused. Simply click the "Pause" button a second time to resume play.

When you are done playing the game, you can quit, by clicking the "Quit" button. The current game will end and the application will close.

This game should run fine on Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.

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