Sunday, January 15, 2006

Must Be At Least 18

While checking out at Wal-Mart today, I had to purchase some Robitussin for our little boy who is sick. Well, the cashier scans it, and it pops-up the question "Is customer at least 18?" I just looked at the guy. Most (that means every other cashier I have ever had at Wal-mart) simply respond yes, and don't even bother asking. Well, not this guy. He said, "You kinda don't look 18." Of course, I don't "kinda look 18". I'm 32, you idiot! So, I pull out my driver's license, and show it to him. "I'll take that as a compliment", I told him. Then headed out of the store. I guess I look a lot younger than I am. Too bad I'm not a woman. Might mean more in that case.

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