Monday, February 06, 2006

Superbowl Roundup

Superbowl XL has come and gone, as have the new batch of commercials. I have to say that the game was lackluster at best, and was terribly officiated. No, I am not a SeaHawks fan, and not a Steelers fan either. I really don't care much for football. To have a game that was so close in score, it was definitely not exciting.

The half-time show was (in the words of Simon Cowell) appalling! I now have a much better understanding for why so many who audition on American Idol actually think they can sing. Compared to that "performance" last night by the Rolling Stones, these atrocious auditions on American Idol actually sound somewhat pleasing to the ears.

And the commercials last night weren't all that great. Overall, I liked the two Ameriquest commercials the best. The Hummer commercial was just plain gross. I don't think I want a Hummer anymore.... Everytime I see one I am going to think of the ugly monster giving birth to it.

Usually, the Superbowl games are a bust, but you can at least count on the commercials. This year, we got neither. It was a wasted 4 hours, in my opinion.

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