Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Death at Disney

I heard today about a tragedy that occurred at Epcot at Disney World in Orlando, FL. Apparently a 4 year old boy was pronounced dead at a local hospital in Orlando, FL after being found limp and near lifeless on the Mission:Space ride.

Apparently, the mother and this young boy got on the ride, and while riding, the mother noticed that her son's leg were sticking straight out and that he appeared to be very frightened. After the ride stopped, she found her son to be limp and near lifeless. The mother, a Disney worker, and paramedics tried to revive the boy He was later pronounced dead at a hospital in the Orlando area.

There are a few thing about this story that I find interesting. First that a mother would take a 4 year old on such a ride. I won't ride it, and I am 31. I ride all of the big thrill roller coasters, but have no desire to spin and puke. Those rides just leave me feeling very ill. I can only imagine the strain on a person of not very good health, or one, as in this case, is very young. I have a 5 year old daughter, and there is NO WAY she would ever get on that ride. I really don't understand a mother who would do that. I am sure though that she is regretting the decision very much, and my prayers will be with this mother and the family of this young boy.

The other interesting aspect of this story is that the father works for the United Nations. I am just waiting for the MSM (main stream media) to start the finger pointing at the President. After all, they did blame him for the hurricanes in Florida. You may think I am a conspiracy theorist, but just wait. You'll see. If they don't, I will be most surprised, and relieved.

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