Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Wasting Tax Dollars

Outside the office where I work, the sidewalk has been rebuilt over the past few months. During that time, there has been this one county vehicle that shows up periodically, usually blocking traffic in the parking lot adjacent to the sidewalk. The work on the sidewalk is not really a waste of tax dollars. It needed repaired. The fellow who shows up in the county vehicle is where my issues begin.

First, the vehicle is a Dodge Durango... a $30,000 vehicle for a county worker. Second, the vehicle is a gas guzzler. Third, the one guy is the only one in the vehicle. Fourth, its a new vehicle. So, we have an expensive vehicle (paid for my tax dollars). Its an expensive, new vehicle (paid for by my tax dollars). Its an expensive new vehicle that is not fuel efficient (paid for by my tax dollars). And not only that, it is hauling a single passenger!

Wasting tax dollars at it's finest. I'm sure there are others out there who have witnessed the same wastefulness where you live. It's time I think that we stood up, and voted these wasteful politicians out the door.

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